Our products supports multilingual user interface.

There are two main reasons why you may help us to translate user interface or web-site:

  1. You will become the registered user of Comfort Keys (including future updates) for FREE!
  2. You will help people of you country to use such an excellent program much more easily!

You can also improve an already existing translation unless it is the primary language file, which is controlled by a software developer.

What you should do:

  1. Check that a complete translation into your language or an update of translation is required (see language list and forum).
  2. Submit a request using our contact form, include the language you will translate Comfort Keys to and some information about yourself (your name, email - required for feedback and to include you in our registered user database).
  3. Translate the text to your native language (read the instructions below).
  4. Submit your translation at our forum or dev©comfort-software.com.

We will check the translation. If the localization was applied correctly, we will post your localized version for public access and send you your registration key.

Localization instructions

Comfort Keys enumerates all *.TXT files into .\lang subfolder.

To add a language for Comfort Keys:
  1. Translate file en.txt.
  2. Save it as .txt in UTF-8 format (for Notepad: select File->Save_As and then choose UTF-8 encoding).
  3. Test it before submitting!
There are a few special characters:
  1. Carriage return and new line: ##
  2. Special symbols for the compiler: %1, %2, %3
NOTE: These language files will generally work with future versions of Comfort Keys, but some strings will appear in English.